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          Actuarial Science

          In a world filled with uncertainties, actuaries use mathematics, statistics and software to help organizations avoid risk—and take advantage of it.


          Architectural Engineering

          MSOE's architectural engineering degree provide you the know-how to build efficient, sustainable structures safely, quickly and within budget through classroom theory and real-world practice in state-of-the-art labs.


          Bachelor of Business Administration

          Face the challenges of the dynamic global marketplace with confidence as a graduate of the Rader School of Business. MSOE’s industry-driven and technology-focused Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree prepares students for success in business and beyond.


          Biomedical Engineering

          Biomedical engineers use engineering principles and methods to create products and services to improve peoples’ lives, such as cardiac pacemakers, CT scanners and artificial hips.


          BioMolecular Engineering

          BioMolecular engineers work at the interface of engineering and molecular biology to solve engineering problems, improve current products and processes and develop new products and processes at the molecular level. Students in MSOE’s BioE program learn about cell engineering, nanotechnology and genomics in advanced laboratories.


          Civil Engineering

          Graduates of Civil Engineering learn mathematics, natural science and engineering principles but are also proficient in business, public policy, leadership and team work.

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